Tattoo Client Chair Portable Tattoo Hand Rest & Tattoo Gun

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Standard Configuration:

  • Hydraulic Tattoo Client chair (Black) TA-TC-22
  • Portable Tattoo Hand Rest (Black)TA-FR-11
  • Tattoo Gun Kit 6 PCS  TA-TK-03

Tattoo Client chair TA-TC-22

  • Product parameters:
  1. Product size: 185 (L) * 62 (W) * 61-79 (H) cm
  2. Packing size: 120 (L) * 66 (W) * 78 (H) CM
  3. Seat width: 82CM
  4. Seat length: 51CM
  5. Total height of seat lift: 61-79CM
  6. Chair back length: 71CM
  7. Seat leg length: 62CM
  8. Bearing weight: 300KG
  9. Leather: High-quality PVC leather
  10. Sponge: high-density rebound sponge

  • Adjustable parts of the product:
  1. The backrest manually adjusts the inclination of the spring
  2. Seat height gauge hydraulic pump lift
  3. Seat feet-manual height adjustment



Portable Tattoo Hand Rest (Black)TA-FR-11

  1. Size: 31*27.5*42-66cm
  2. Attributes: black color
  3. Plastic spraying surface finish, durable and scratch resistant; adjustable feet make the stool stand in a horizontal level for tattoo work, soft & high density cushion with full PVC cover, soft and comfortable, easy to clean
  4. Hi-Lo adjustable with a quick release lever to fix to: suitable for different heights of customers

Tattoo Gun Kit 6 PCS  TA-TK-03

Product List:

  1. Black Tattoo Pen*1
  2. Multifunctional digital power supply*1 (power cord American standard)
  3. Highly sensitive pedal*1
  4. One-in-two connection line*1
  5. Anti-slip bandage*2
  6. Exquisite packaging box*1



  • Black tattoo pen
  1. Motor high-quality
  2. Torsion powerful
  3. Axis rotation stable
  4. Color: fine sand black + red circle
  5. Needle stroke:0-4 mm
  6. Needle length: 3mm
  7. Starting voltage: 4V
  8. Operating voltage: 7V-11V
  9. Rated voltage: 12V
  10. Rated power: 4.5 W
  11. Voltage speed: 6V/3780 RPM
  12.  8V/5040 RPM
  13.  9V/6300 RPM

Product Advantages:

  1. The 10-slot quincunx eccentric wheel uses a wide range of high-quality motors with strong torque and smooth shaft rotation.
  2. The overall protection design is not tired after long use.
  3. Black matt black with bright red collar makes the overall look more textured.
  4. The contour has a clear sense of layering, which is gradual.
  5. With DC5.5 double-head power cable 180cm
  6. DC5.5 male + (6.3 male + 3.5 audio) compatible with most power supplies in the market, stable and practical


  • Mini LED digital power supply
  1. 1.10V strong start function.

Press Knob 2 to display on to start the strong start function. After starting, it will display the voltage and work normally.

  1. Anti-fatigue mode.

Press the knob 1, the anti-fatigue mode indicator light is on (green light is on) to start the anti-fatigue mode, and you can work for a long time by stepping on it.

To reduce the fatigue of the tattoo artist stepping on the pedal for a long time, press again to turn off the fatigue mode.

  1. Automatic sleep function

When the power supply stops working, about 5 minutes later, the power supply automatically enters the sleep state. Turn, lightly press the knob or trigger the foot switch to wake up the power and enter the normal working state.

  1. Automatic power-off protection function:

When in abnormal operation, the power supply enters the power-off protection state to protect the power circuit from being damaged by current overload and prolong its service life.


  • Pedal Display

High conforms to the arch of the foot

Upgraded hardened ABS plastic material, high sensitivity built-in switch

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